How to be a refugee in Canada

As of this month, Canada has accepted over 9,500 refugees and has taken in more than 5,600 people.But as of March, the country has only accepted around 1,200 refugees.We spoke to three refugees who have now returned to the island of Nauru, and they shared their experiences and advice for […]

How many people from our country are now coming to us?

We’re told that around 200,000 people come to Australia each year.We’re also told that this is a ‘voluntary’ immigration policy, meaning that we’re allowed to choose who we want to come to.We don’t.Our Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison, told the ABC on Tuesday that there are ‘no voluntary restrictions’ on who […]

What will Newark immigration court look like?

Posted July 13, 2018 06:30:50 Newark immigration lawyer Michael Sperber says the city has a problem with overcrowding.“We have more people coming in than we are taking in.And I think what we’ve had is the perception that the system is rigged.And that’s not the case,” Sperberg said.Sperbers clients include the […]

Swedish Migration Agency offers deportation advice

Sweden’s Immigration Service says it has helped thousands of migrants navigate their way through the country’s immigration system, offering them deportation advice, even if they have not yet been arrested.The agency’s website says it helps migrants get legal status in Sweden.But some migrants have said they have been refused assistance […]

How to choose a new country

The UK has become the new home for the world’s first migrant.From the Middle East to Africa, from the Caribbean to the Himalayas, the UK has welcomed millions of people.But what’s changed since the country became the UK in 1975?Why are migrants now choosing to stay?Is it the economic pressures?Immigration […]

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