How to read a letter from a migrant vs. an immigrant

A migrant is a person who has entered the United States illegally.Immigrants are typically undocumented or have been removed from the United State illegally.They are often referred to as “migrants.”Immigrants can apply for permanent residency through the immigration law, but they typically cannot become citizens of the United Kingdom or […]

How to deal with your immigration fees

When your immigration lawyer is calling you to discuss your immigration fee, it’s worth keeping in mind that your lawyer may not be an attorney.You can always find an immigration lawyer who’s not an attorney on the internet.Here’s how you can keep an eye on the situation: Know Your Rights […]

I was a migrant when I was 17

Posted by IGN National News | March 21, 2018 08:24:18In 2015, when I moved to the US from Nigeria, my father was in the military.He worked for a year in Afghanistan before returning to Nigeria, where he joined the army.He fought for 10 years with the US Marines, but never […]

How Canadian immigration law could affect you

Canada is one of the most generous immigration programs in the world.Its immigrants are mostly low-skilled workers from developing nations and the world over, but Canada also offers generous programs to help low-income workers and people of color, especially women and people with disabilities.These programs often help immigrants get green […]

The Immigration Fees Are Killing Our Kids

FourFourtwo, an Australian website that specializes in online gaming, is reporting that the fees for online gaming are killing our kids, and that the government is only making things worse.The article explains:The Australian government wants to make gaming more affordable, but it’s not doing that by cutting off all players.Instead, […]

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