When is a DACA-eligible individual deported?

Deportation of an undocumented immigrant is not imminent, but when is an individual who entered the country illegally when they were 17 years old, who is in the country legally and who has not committed a crime will be deported?“When an individual is inadmissible to the United States,” the Department […]

How to be a refugee in Canada

As of this month, Canada has accepted over 9,500 refugees and has taken in more than 5,600 people.But as of March, the country has only accepted around 1,200 refugees.We spoke to three refugees who have now returned to the island of Nauru, and they shared their experiences and advice for […]

How to find your way through the immigration debate

GREEN CARLS BAY, Fla.— When the news broke that the House and Senate had reached an agreement on a bipartisan immigration bill that would legalize nearly 11 million people living in the U.S. illegally, the Senate majority leader, Chuck Schumer, quickly issued a statement announcing that “it is time to […]

How to find the best immigration lawyers in Newark

Posted October 06, 2018 06:24:18When you’re looking for the best immigrants lawyers in the Newark immigration court you might be surprised to find that it’s actually quite difficult to find a solid one.According to a report published by the Newark Immigration Court website, the immigration court has been hit by […]

How to change your name on the phone

Changing your name is simple, if you want it to.But if you’ve ever been called ‘Papa’ on the street or even your dad’s house, it’s not easy.And that’s not an issue that needs to be sorted out at the phone number you were assigned in the first place.You can change […]

How to pay for an immigration bond

An immigration bond could pay for the costs of building a border wall, improving enforcement, and ending mass deportations, according to a new report from the National Geographic Society.The National Geographic report, “How to Pay for an Immigration Bond,” details the bond and its potential benefits to the U.S. economy.The […]

Trump announces plan to limit immigration

President Donald Trump has released a sweeping immigration plan that he says will reduce the nation’s annual population by 50 million and help the economy grow.Trump’s plan, which is scheduled to be unveiled on Thursday, calls for a permanent ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries, which includes Iraq, Iran, […]

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