When an Australian immigrant sued an immigration lawyer, the immigration executive order he filed sparked a national debate

In July, the federal government’s immigration attorney filed a lawsuit against a lawyer who represents immigrants in immigration proceedings.

The lawyer, a former immigration officer, says he is an advocate of fair treatment of asylum seekers and a person of good character.

But the lawsuit, which was filed in the Federal Court of Australia, is drawing scrutiny from some in the immigration community.

The case has caused heated debate about the role of the immigration courts, and whether lawyers who represent immigrants should be able to challenge the citizenship of the people they represent.

The immigration lawyer’s lawyer, Ian Fennell, said the Immigration Department is aware of the complaint.

“We are reviewing the complaint and will determine our next steps,” he said.

He said the case has also raised questions about the relationship between the Immigration and Border Protection Minister and the immigration lawyer.

“The minister has been aware of it and he has referred it to the secretary of state,” Mr Fennells said.

“There are two issues here: Is there any accountability for the minister when it comes to these cases and if there is, who should be accountable for that?”

The minister is the immigration minister.

The minister’s office did not respond to questions from the ABC about the complaint or whether it has responded to the complaint from the immigration attorney.

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