When a woman wants to change her nationality, the UK doesn’t let her

By David Murray – Theresa May’s government is being criticized for forcing an Irish citizen, a former soldier, into a new nationality after she changed her citizenship, The Telegraph reported.

The Irish Citizen Service (ICS) said on Wednesday that it had received an application for a dual nationality for the Irish-born wife of an immigration officer who was born in the United Kingdom.

The application came after the wife, who is a British citizen, applied to become a British national in 2013.

She was then told by the British Home Office that the Irish Citizen’s Service (ICSS) could only accept applications from Irish citizens and permanent residents.

The ICSS, however, said it could not accept applications for dual nationality unless the applicant was a British resident.

The woman, who has been in Ireland for more than 30 years, had been married to an Irish national since 1997.

The wife told the newspaper that she was unhappy with her decision to switch her nationality.

The wife told The Irish Times that she applied for Irish citizenship in 2016 after learning of the new rules.

She said she was told she would have to undergo two years of training before becoming a British subject.

The decision sparked a backlash in the Irish community.

The British government is not known to have lobbied on behalf of the woman, but it is believed that it may have pressured the Irish government to allow her to apply for a British passport as soon as possible.

The former soldier had been living in the U.K. since 1997, having served in Afghanistan.

In 2017, the Irish Government said that he would have been eligible for citizenship if he had had the correct paperwork.