Swedish Migration Agency offers deportation advice

Sweden’s Immigration Service says it has helped thousands of migrants navigate their way through the country’s immigration system, offering them deportation advice, even if they have not yet been arrested.

The agency’s website says it helps migrants get legal status in Sweden.

But some migrants have said they have been refused assistance and asked for help from other services.

In the case of one, a woman who had applied for asylum, told Reuters that Swedish authorities told her she had to take a bus to a city in the southeast where she was to be deported.

She said she was told she could apply for asylum in any of the cities that Sweden offered her a visa.

She had to show the Swedish Immigration Service documents that she needed, and was refused.

Another migrant, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he was told by Swedish officials to get a lawyer and apply for a Swedish deportation order to be able to apply for Swedish citizenship.

He was told the deportation order could take months.

A migrant in a wheelchair told Reuters he had been told he could apply to become a citizen of Sweden and he had to go through a deportation order process.

Sweden’s interior minister told Reuters the country would welcome refugees who had been “forced to migrate”.

But he said the government was still reviewing the legislation on refugees.

A Swedish Migration Service spokesman told Reuters its website did not offer deportation advice.

A spokeswoman for the Migration Agency said it had given migrants advice on their options in dealing with their asylum applications.

She also said it was providing information on how to access Swedish health care, including access to the social security system.