How to vote for Biden in 2020: What to know and how to know what to care about

President Biden will officially enter the White House on Jan. 20 and will be sworn in as president Jan. 23.

The inauguration is a special occasion for Biden, but it’s also a chance to look back at the first six months of his presidency.

Biden’s inauguration will be the first time a sitting president is inaugurated without a Vice President of the United States.

Biden will take the oath of office from the White and Blue Room of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. The ceremony will be televised live on the CBS News network and is scheduled to begin at 11:30 a.m.


Here’s a look at what you need to know about Biden’s first day in office:1.

Biden is an early sign of a new era for the Biden presidency.

This year, Biden is looking to usher in a new political era in the U.S. Biden, a Democrat from Delaware who was elected in 2016, is set to be the country’s first female president and the first woman in the White of the White Senate.

The new administration will also be ushering in the most progressive agenda in American history.

Biden was the first female nominee of a major party for president, and he has made his mark on the Democratic Party in terms of his stances on abortion rights, gun control, gay rights and climate change.

The Vice President is also the first vice president to be born into a family of Native American and African American men, and Native American women have been a part of the Democratic ticket since at least 1992.2.

Biden has already begun the transition process for his first term.

On Jan. 18, the White Houses Office of Presidential Personnel announced that Biden will be given the task of identifying and appointing the Cabinet nominees who will oversee the administration.

This means that Biden’s new Cabinet will be comprised of a mixture of people from different backgrounds, from people from the different parts of the country.

Biden intends to appoint at least three women to the Cabinet.

He will also nominate an African American woman to serve as acting Secretary of Health and Human Services and a Native American woman as the Deputy Secretary of Education.3.

The Cabinet has been divided into two groups: those who will run the administration and those who have already been nominated by Biden.

Vice President Joe Biden has also been a big proponent of a balanced approach to the cabinet.

While the vice president will be in charge of selecting the Cabinet, there will be an equal number of Cabinet secretaries, and there will not be a single white person in the Cabinet and no African American or Native American person.4.

Biden and Vice President Mike Pence will be running in the Democratic primary.

The vice president is running as the progressive candidate, and while he has been the most outspoken progressive in the race, Pence is a much more moderate Republican and has made the most of the support of Republican primary voters.5.

Biden could have a tough time getting a Republican nomination.

Vice president Mike Pence has already secured enough votes to secure the GOP nomination.

However, the vice presidency has been a major hurdle for Biden and he may not get a Republican vote if he chooses to run in 2020.

For example, Vice President Al Gore, who is running for re-election, is in an unpopular position in the polls because of his past ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In order to win the GOP primary, Biden would need to secure more than 20 percent of the Republican primary vote.

If he does not secure the necessary support in the Republican primaries, Biden could face an uphill battle in 2020, as his popularity with GOP voters could increase as he moves into the general election.6.

Biden can get along with all the senators he wants.

The president has made it clear that he would prefer to see his cabinet confirmed by the Senate and the House of Representatives, but he has also made it known that he wants to appoint cabinet members that will be able to get along and serve in a bipartisan manner.

While there have been several vacancies on the cabinet, it’s possible that Vice President Biden could make the most use of these positions, which could make him the most likely Vice President to run for president.