Why immigration docs are so expensive in the US

It is a time of upheaval in Houston.

Thousands of refugees and migrants are waiting to be resettled in the United States and many are waiting in long lines for their paperwork.

The US Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) is struggling to cope with the influx and is struggling with its own influx.

Many are also worried about the immigration policies of President Donald Trump, who has said that he wants to bring all Muslims out of the country.

Now, the USRAP is struggling, and there are several immigration lawsuits filed in Texas.

Here’s what you need to know about the lawsuits.

Read more The federal courts have been involved in immigration cases for decades, but the number of refugees from Iraq and Syria has surged in recent years, particularly since Trump’s election.

This is what it looks like in Houston today: There are several lawsuits currently pending in Texas related to refugees.

Some are about people who arrived in the country illegally, but most are about asylum seekers.

The Texas attorney general, Ken Paxton, has filed a suit to stop the federal government from accepting refugees, arguing that there is no right to refugee status in the state.

Texas’ attorney general says refugees are not legally protected from deportation.

A federal judge ruled against Paxton last month, but his request to intervene in a Texas lawsuit over the federal refugee resettlement program is currently pending.

A group of refugees filed a lawsuit in Texas on January 23 alleging that the federal resettlement program discriminates against them and their families.

They also filed a separate suit in the district court. 

The Texas Refugee Program is funded by the US Department of Homeland Security, which administers refugee resettlement in Texas and is also the source of the federal funding for the state’s state and local programs.

The program does not discriminate against refugees, but some refugees who arrived illegally are not allowed to stay in the federal program, as the state has no policy on refugees.

Refugees from Syria have been able to receive federal refugee status because of an amendment passed in 2015 that created the US Refugee Act. 

A federal judge has granted a temporary injunction against the Texas lawsuit and the state is appealing the decision.

The Texas attorney-general’s office is asking the court to declare that refugees are legally protected.

The ruling could have wide implications for refugee resettlement, which is already fraught with legal complications. 

“This case is about the federal refugees resettlement program, and it is a legal matter that has no impact on Texas’ refugee resettlement programs,” Paxton’s office said in a statement.

“The Texas Attorney General’s office will defend the state in this case, and we will continue to vigorously defend our state’s refugee resettlement efforts.

The attorneys for refugees have made it clear that the refugee resettlement effort will continue unimpeded.”

The USRASP was established in 1974 as a federal program that grants refugee status to people who are fleeing persecution, conflict or war.

It provides financial support to refugees to help them settle in the U.S. and provides legal advice and assistance.

In 2017, the Trump administration rescinded the Obama administration’s refugee resettling program, which allowed refugees to stay for up to three years.

The Obama administration had also set up a resettlement program for refugees who were previously approved to enter the country, but those refugees were not included in the 2017 federal program.