Trump announces plan to limit immigration

President Donald Trump has released a sweeping immigration plan that he says will reduce the nation’s annual population by 50 million and help the economy grow.

Trump’s plan, which is scheduled to be unveiled on Thursday, calls for a permanent ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries, which includes Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Syria.

It would also end the “temporary” admission of immigrants from Syria, Iran and Iraq.

Trump’s plan also would require that those immigrants be fingerprinted, as the government has long been enforcing an immigration law that does not require that fingerprinting be performed.

“We must secure our borders, and we must keep our country safe,” Trump said during a campaign rally on Wednesday in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“And we must stop the flood of people from these countries entering our country.”

He said that people entering the United States from these seven countries should be required to pass a criminal background check, and that any immigrants who are denied entry should be able to apply for reentry into the United State.

“They should be allowed to come into our country and stay and help build our country,” Trump added.

Trump also said that he would limit the number of refugees allowed into the country, as well as the number allowed to enter, from the seven countries he outlined.

“I’m going to suspend admissions to the United Nations, to certain refugee-sponsoring countries.

We will not accept them into our countries,” Trump told a rally in Orlando, Florida.

He said the government should only admit those who have “proven they’re bona fide refugees”.

The Trump administration’s revised plan does not include an increase in the number or duration of the refugee program.

The plan does call for a cap on the number and size of refugees, and a ban on any additional refugees coming from countries where vetting has not been completed.

The Trump White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.