ICE arrests over 30 for hate speech

ICE arrests more than 30 immigrants on Friday for hate crime charges in Florida.

The agency said the arrests were made in Polk County and that the suspects were released pending further investigation.

ICE said the individuals were charged with four felonies, including violating the civil rights of a person because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, or sexual orientation.

The agents arrested seven people, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

ICE issued a news release saying the charges stemmed from “incendiary rhetoric” in an online Facebook post and a “bias incident.”

In a separate announcement, the agency said it was launching a national effort to “combat the perpetuation of hate crimes and the spreading of misinformation” against immigrants.

“ICE is committed to preventing and countering the dissemination of hate speech,” the agency wrote.

In January, President Donald Trump ordered ICE to focus on the enforcement of immigration laws, and ICE said it had arrested more than 1,500 immigrants this year for violations.

In December, ICE agents arrested a Mexican man who was allegedly selling drugs and was allegedly part of a group that had smuggled guns and drugs into the U.S. from Mexico.

ICE spokesman David Lapan said the man had been deported multiple times for his criminal record.

In November, ICE arrested a 29-year-old man who authorities say was the leader of an online group that posted anti-immigrant messages online.

ICE officials said he was arrested after the group posted messages that were similar to those allegedly posted by hate groups.

The group has since been deleted, but the posting was widely viewed and was cited by several other hate groups as evidence that immigration authorities were targeting Latinos.