How to get around the US border in Canada

NEW YORK – US President Donald Trump has vowed to build a wall along the entire border with Mexico.

The White House said the president will unveil a new strategy to deal with the country’s rapidly growing border problems at a news conference on Wednesday.

President Donald Trump will unveil new border security plans in the coming days.

The president has made no secret of his desire to build an entire wall along our southern border.

Mexico has long said the wall will not help its border control.

Trump has promised to build it and he is expected to make Mexico pay for it, even though the US already pays Mexico about $21 billion a year to pay for border fences.

Many US residents will have to travel through Mexico to get to their jobs, but the White House is proposing a “special visa” system that will allow people to work legally in Mexico and the US without having to travel across the border.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto is expected on Wednesday to deliver a speech in which he will push back against the Trump administration’s claims about Mexico paying for the wall. 

“We are ready to defend ourselves, to defend our territory, to take back our sovereignty,” Pena said.

“We have the right to defend it.”

“We’re prepared to pay all the costs associated with this wall, including the costs of erecting the fence itself,” he said.

Pena said the US will not pay for the fence alone, but said the new border wall will cost at least $6 billion.

Mexico is also expected to demand that Washington cut off the money it is sending to its impoverished southern neighbor in order to pay the US$1.6 billion in border security aid the United States is providing to the country. 

Mexico has already cut off about half of the $1.4 billion in payments the US is making to the Mexican government, saying that the US does not have to pay anything to Mexico.

“We have a special visa system that allows people who live in the US to work without having them have to go through the border, and we can provide them with the right visa,” Penas office spokesman Luis Angel Lopez told reporters.

“But, we will not be able to provide them all of the benefits that the Americans are providing to Mexico.” 

The US is also not allowed to send back any refugees that are already in the country illegally.