Why the world has no time for the Chinese immigration ban

A group of migrants from the Democratic Republic of Congo are protesting outside a Trump rally in Chicago.

The crowd is chanting and banging on drums and is chanting “Stop Trump!

Stop Trump!” and “USA!

USA!” as the crowd of about 100 people gathers around a banner that reads “Stop immigration!”

The crowd also holds a sign that says “Immigrants welcome.”

The protesters have been protesting against Trump’s proposed ban on immigration from the United States.

The measure has been stalled in Congress since the beginning of the month.

It’s still unclear what Trump’s plan will be, but the group has said the ban will hurt the Congo economy.

Trump has been criticized by some on social media for not standing up to the Chinese government and for being too friendly to Beijing.

But the Chinese Foreign Ministry said the United Nations’ latest assessment of human rights in China was the highest in history.

“China is a nation of peace, and China is not an enemy state, a hostile country, or a nuclear power,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said in a statement.

“This statement does not mean that China will change its policy towards the United Kingdom or other countries, but rather that the United Nation’s latest human rights assessment is the highest ever, which is a strong affirmation of China’s principled stance.”