How to tell if a potential deportee is a DACA recipient?

As many as 5 million immigrants from the 11 million people in the country illegally could be eligible for deferred action under President Donald Trump’s proposal to provide temporary protections for young undocumented immigrants, if the House passes the Dream Act, a proposal to give them work permits.

A top House Republican has vowed to work with the administration on a Dream Act.

The Senate would have to pass its own version, and that could take months.

House Speaker Paul Ryan has promised to work to get a Dream act through the Senate.

“We’re going to make sure that the Dreamers can stay in this country,” he said in a speech on Capitol Hill on Monday.

“The Senate has to act.”

Ryan also said that the House would be looking to provide $2 billion to assist Dreamers with housing, transportation and other needs.

The House voted Thursday to pass a Dream bill that would allow people under age 25 who have been in the U.S. for more than a year to apply for the protections, and it was a vote that passed with a 219-206 vote.

Ryan said at a press conference on Friday that the White House will review the House’s Dream Act proposal and consider it.

Democrats, however, have criticized Ryan for supporting the House bill and the Senate’s plan, and Ryan on Friday said that he will not support a House Dream Act unless it included $2.6 billion to help Dreamers get permits to live and work.

Ryan, who has been under fire for his handling of the refugee crisis, has said that if he was elected president, he would support a Dream legislation.

But the Senate is still in the process of working out its own Dream Act and Trump’s proposed Dream Act has not yet been voted on.

The Dream Act would allow young undocumented immigrant adults to remain in the United States if they meet certain requirements.

The legislation would give DACA recipients the option of applying for a permit or working permits to help them obtain legal status.

The bill also would give them the option to apply to become a U.N. refugee.

The measure was championed by House Democrats, who have said they will work with Ryan to make the Dream act a reality.

The Trump administration has made clear that they intend to take action on the Dream bill.

The White House is expected to announce in the coming days that they will move to extend DACA protections for some undocumented immigrants.

However, many Republicans in the House, including some members of Ryan’s own party, have not endorsed the Dream legislation, and they are pushing for a new Dream Act that includes an additional $2 million for Dreamers.

“There is a need for a bipartisan solution to address the serious immigration crisis,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said in her opening statement to the House on Friday.

“I believe we can make a bipartisan Dream Act work for the American people, but I will not vote for the Dreamer bill if it includes the additional funding for DACA recipients.”