Chinese immigrant kids get a shot at U.S. citizenship

In the U.K., the Chinese immigrants who arrived in the early 1900s were eligible for citizenship and many of them have taken advantage of the opportunity.They’ve been allowed to immigrate without requiring permission from the British government.But now, the British have started enforcing immigration laws in the U, and Chinese […]

When an Australian immigrant sued an immigration lawyer, the immigration executive order he filed sparked a national debate

In July, the federal government’s immigration attorney filed a lawsuit against a lawyer who represents immigrants in immigration proceedings.The lawyer, a former immigration officer, says he is an advocate of fair treatment of asylum seekers and a person of good character.But the lawsuit, which was filed in the Federal Court […]

Why Ice Is Killing the U.S. Economy

The global financial crisis, and the rise of China as the world’s largest economy, has had devastating effects on the U, U.K., U.A., Canada, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, and Japan.The consequences of this crisis are now spreading around the world.Ice is an ice […]

How to read a letter from a migrant vs. an immigrant

A migrant is a person who has entered the United States illegally.Immigrants are typically undocumented or have been removed from the United State illegally.They are often referred to as “migrants.”Immigrants can apply for permanent residency through the immigration law, but they typically cannot become citizens of the United Kingdom or […]

When is a DACA-eligible individual deported?

Deportation of an undocumented immigrant is not imminent, but when is an individual who entered the country illegally when they were 17 years old, who is in the country legally and who has not committed a crime will be deported?“When an individual is inadmissible to the United States,” the Department […]

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